Loves Like a Hurricane by Gene Krcelic
Loves Like a Hurricane

OK, big deal, you’re a Christian. God is in your heart…now what?

Loves Like a Hurricane is the true story of a Catholic turned agnostic turned Christian through a wild web of odd encounters while running from a hurricane-like God. The journey carries you down many paths while God whispers and shapes a young heart until He kicks the door wide open with a disaster of biblical proportion, changing everything.

Loves Like a Hurricane is a hard hitting, feet to the fire tapestry that will make you laugh, cry and force you to think about how you will respond when God whispers your name. It reveals how God’s loving grace turns apathy into compassion into action.

Yes, BIG DEAL, you’re a Christian…now do something about it!

In Your Eyes

If you know me, you know I love music.  Some of my favorite songs are those that leave the listener wondering who the song was written for and the deep meaning behind the lyrics.  Although I am not a song writer, I do love to write poetry.  The following poem is a love song.  It can be interpreted as a song written to God, a spouse, a significant other or a child.  I hope you enjoy it and see yourself in the words.  In Your Eyes:   In your eyes is all that matters All that matters is what you think What you think is the truth I seek The truth I seek is within your heart Within your heart is where I desire Where I desire is holding you close Holding you close I find the love I need I find the love I need when I think of you When I think of you I lose my breath I lose my breath when I imagine your face When I imagine your face my heart skips a beat My heart skips a beat when I know you are near I know you are near when I close my eyes and dream I close my eyes and dream every hour of every day Every hour of every day wrapped in your love is where I want to be In your eyes I see the truth In your eyes I find my peace In your eyes I see myself In your

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