Loves Like a Hurricane by Gene Krcelic
Loves Like a Hurricane

OK, big deal, you’re a Christian. God is in your heart…now what?

Loves Like a Hurricane is the true story of a Catholic turned agnostic turned Christian through a wild web of odd encounters while running from a hurricane-like God. The journey carries you down many paths while God whispers and shapes a young heart until He kicks the door wide open with a disaster of biblical proportion, changing everything.

Loves Like a Hurricane is a hard hitting, feet to the fire tapestry that will make you laugh, cry and force you to think about how you will respond when God whispers your name. It reveals how God’s loving grace turns apathy into compassion into action.

Yes, BIG DEAL, you’re a Christian…now do something about it!

Consumerism Is Not Free

Guest Post-Food for Thought By:  Alexis Krcelic My favorite classes in school have always been literature. My two favorite teachers of all time were literature teachers that greatly shaped the person I am today. They taught me how to learn about the world through fiction. My last literature class in college was about Latin America but specifically the US-Mexico border. The class came at the perfect moment in our world today, and especially in my world. I submitted this piece as a scholarly precise for my final project. However, my professor didn’t accept it because it was not from a previously written scholarly work. This piece is my own “scholarly work” on just how dangerous consumerism is in the United States. Reading the texts mentioned (which you should absolutely look into) opened my ideas to horrors unknown to me. I hope it opens your eyes too.  *[email protected](s) is a way to indicate gender neutrality in the term Latinos Consumerism in the United States affects more than people’s wallets. It actually puts people’s lives in danger just to supply a need, or more often a desire, for a mass population. The growing demand of consumption in the Untied States can be attributed to the 23 million person increase in the past ten years (“US Population By Year” 1). It can also be attributed to the lack of fulfillment and happiness found amongst the country’s population. According to a United Nations study, the US is at its lowest happiness ranking in eleven

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