Loves Like a Hurricane by Gene Krcelic
Loves Like a Hurricane

OK, big deal, you’re a Christian. God is in your heart…now what?

Loves Like a Hurricane is the true story of a Catholic turned agnostic turned Christian through a wild web of odd encounters while running from a hurricane-like God. The journey carries you down many paths while God whispers and shapes a young heart until He kicks the door wide open with a disaster of biblical proportion, changing everything.

Loves Like a Hurricane is a hard hitting, feet to the fire tapestry that will make you laugh, cry and force you to think about how you will respond when God whispers your name. It reveals how God’s loving grace turns apathy into compassion into action.

Yes, BIG DEAL, you’re a Christian…now do something about it!

Recovering From Hurricane Dorian

A Story of Endurance in the Bahamas Imagine coming home from work and your house is gone.  Splintered boards, broken glass and crumbled plaster are scattered about your yard as the only remnants of your home. Now imagine you have no insurance, no 401K and no “rainy day” savings.  The job you had no longer exists.  The nightmare is real.  Your family is instantly homeless with no place to go other than a make-shift shelter swelling with strangers sleeping on cots who are in the same situation as you. There is temporary hope.  People come to your immediate aid with clothes, food and water.  Hearts of people are moved into action because the barrage of dramatic news stories demand a response.  But a month or two later, the aid slows.  The news cycle turns and the cameras leave.  Your plight is no longer on the minds of those unaffected.  Time passes. Three months later you are still homeless, still living in the shelter with your family and still without a job.  Hope dims as rice and beans become your daily meal, again.  The relief workers and the teams of volunteers thin.  It is as if the world forgot.  Depression becomes your only companion.  Hope is lost. Nearly 14,000 Bahamians are struggling through similar circumstances since Hurricane Dorian ravaged the country in September.  Thousands are living in shelters with no place to go while others find refuge in already cramped quarters with family and friends.  Those offering hospitality for their friends

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